Team Learning and Leadership Training

roadSystemic Wisdom is a consulting company specialized in team learning and leadership training with a Systemic View. The company offers a reliable, high-quality consultancy for long term vision & strategy development, enhancing co-creation within self-managing teams.

Systemic Wisdom believes that sharing knowledge and complementing each other in dealing with business issues, challenges and objectives is only a part of the overall way to increase the collaboration. Team learning focuses on the communication and creation of a shared vision in working collectively towards business goals.

antsIn a rapidly changing environment and economy only organisations that are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel. To support organisations in finding ways to be agile and enhance people’s engagement Systemic Wisdom emphasizes on:

  • Creating a long term genuine vision, where the shared vision works as a pull for employers and customers
  • Encouraging organisation to establish self-managing & learning teams and to build a culture where trust thrives.
    • People with a high level of personal mastery live in a continuous learning mode and commit to truth.
    • High potential people bridge the gap between vision and reality
    • Teams can co-create in a far more reaching way when they bring all talents and potential into the cirle: 1 + 1 = 3 . Experiences become richer and powerfull, but overall are of a pure and meaningful nature.
    • A varied team in profile, gender and generation creates the best adaptivity to be flexible in the long term.

Profile Sylvie Oerlemans

SylvieSylvie Oerlemans has been trained in Tourism & Recreation Management but has built up an extensive experience in Marketing Management within an international environment.

Since 1998, Sylvie has taken international courses in personal development, NLP, psycho-energetics, subfields in psychology & sociology and started coaching people. Her areas of specialism include team learning, leadership and communication. Sylvie knows how to facilitate and build a safe environment for open dialogue and reflection.

In 2003 Sylvie studied the systemic & organisational dynamics and has since been facilitating workshops in Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands. With astonishing results, hundreds of people have benefited from Sylvie’s insightful and creative approaches. They have experienced healthier performance, greater confidence and Sylvie has opened the way to new perspectives on life.

In her search to help people detect the root cause of incidents she learned that horses, being a herd, are specialists in social dynamics. With their high sensitive communication the horses give immediate & spot-on feedback on the areas of a person’s or team’s growth opportunities.

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