Blue Amonite - Systemic WorkSystemic work is based on the view that the world is a multi-complex system that is subject to continuous change which influences our existence as an individual and as member of a community, society, organisation or nation. The fundaments of Systemic work find their origin in existential philosophy, anthropology, psychology and sociology. (Freud, Jung, Malinowski, Redcliff-Brown, Mead, Iragaray, Nagy, Satir and many others)

The systemic principles carry ancient wisdom and insights in interactions which seem to be applicable to different situations and social systems.

Systemic work has proved to be a successful method for altering reoccurring patterns and issues appearing in social and organisational systems. The visual process reveals the subconscious dynamics within social systems. The revealed dynamics give a deeper understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of groups and individuals. The nature of the composition and historical development of groups will lead to specific different outcomes in dynamics.

Systemic work is a visual process performed individually or with a group of people. Elements of the system are represented by individuals and are placed in relation to each other. The first process is to have an awareness of the deeper dynamics. The second process is to initiate change towards the desired state.

Main goal:

  • Streamline the organisation as a whole
  • Explore new perspectives
  • Transition from current state to desired state
  • Problem solving

The benefits for an organisation:

  • A deeper understanding of the forces at play and of the characteristics and behavior of individuals & groups
  • Change of mental belief systems
  • Ease of dysfunctional ties, distress, old patterns
  • Change of the organisational system towards a new movement and a healthier balance

Nowadays people all over the world, practice systemic work in many different forms and environments. Since 2000 managers and consultants recognize the huge potential of systemic work in their aim to be successful.