WORKSHOP: Art of essence

Personal Development through visual expression

SURFY - WIN_20150809_063000Everyone has a few domains in life where things are not always going the way you would like life to be flowing. Some of the domains or questions you might have are listed here to the right.

Detect the root cause of incidents and challenges in your life: Grow and increase your awareness about yourself and your belief systems by following a series of art-workshops where you will discover yourself in a more profound way and where you will get answers for the questions you have in life by drawing, creating and exchanging views on the created art.

The most effective way to digest information and transform your life is by performing practical exercises when working on your own problem solving. We use the art you create as a metaphor to detect the root cause of the challenges you are facing in life or at work and to increase the awareness of your personal patterns.

We will create a space of reflection and inquiry by drawing, coloring, shaping a piece of art and discussing the art works. Through the dialogue in the group you can discover new values and belief systems, you can tap into your passions and you can bring out your essence.

We will guide you in this visual process and coach you in your inner journey.

The result will be rewarding

  • You enhance a balance of heart, mind, spirit and body
  • You increase your self-worthiness and a trust in life
  • You allow yourself to take risks and set challenging goals
  • You learn how to persist when life gets tough


Attending the creative workshop is a fun and learning process. As a result you will have more fun in being yourself and in expressing your talents in life.

Group benefit

The participants set the stage for role-modeling. Group members mirror certain sub-personalities that you do not see and are a good way in connecting with them. A group of people create a container of shared trust which contributes in a significant way to the personal development of all participants.


  • Creative art making
  • Open Dialogue
  • Collective reflection
  • Constellations (Systemic Work)
NO artistic talent is needed. The “art” is just a metaphor for your inner process, even if you only draw a circle, we will get your process going.





11/03 – 25/03 – 08/04 – 22/04 – 06/05 – 20/05 – 03/06



(40% of the revenue will support the not-for-profit organisation Indarte)


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