Inspiring Leadership “Walk Your Talk”

Leadership Walk Your TalkThis practical, insightful and hands-on counseling process will teach managers how to motivate and inspire individuals and teams: human nature plays a powerful role in the marketplace and in the workplace. Mangers will learn to understand and work with this human behaviour with its flaws and contradictions to create effective management solutions. The course will create “leaders” by increasing their skills, knowledge and personal abilities necessary for success.

We use a participative and consultative training style based on emotional intelligence and a systemic view. In a safe learning environment participants will go into discussion, interact in role-play, experiment and self-reflect. Mistakes are considered as the pivot-point of learning.

By sharing knowledge, successes and mistakes we tap into a collective conscious mind where ideas and opportunities find amazing new creative ways in business development and team solutions.

“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”